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Object Detection for dental diagnostic using panoramic dental radiographs.


BY / ON Apr 10, 2019

Detection of Periodontal Bone Loss

Detection of dental caries is important for the diagnosis and treatment planning of dentaldisease, which has been affecting a very large population throughout the globe. DentalX-rays are a valuable imaging exam that can provide dentists with detailed evaluationsof teeth and gums for diagnostic and prevention purposes.

Early detection of diseaseis one of the important matters of diagnostic imaging. In dental imaging and diagnosisapplications, X-rays are recommended because it shows the size, location and condition ofteeth and they are also able to detect the presence of cavities before they appear on thetooth’s surface. Visual inspection or visual-tactile inspection has very low sensitivity rate;that is, human inspection alone misses a high percentage of caries. Therefore, majorityof the studies focused on developing an algorithm for detection of caries and measurementof tooth damage. Segmentation process is an important step in almost every medicalimage analysis applications.

The implications of computer vision for medical suggest a host of benefits to the healthcare industry.