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Using computer vision for Parking and Traffic Management.


BY Admin / ON Dec 10, 2020

Parking and Traffic Management

As we know in the overpopulation countries there is a big problem with vehicle parking.To solve this parking management problem it needs humans to control traffic issues.They tend to the hard observation of traffic movement.Also, it gives instruct them to maintain the parking rules and follow them.

It is too hard and a headache for humans. To solve this problem we need to use artificial intelligence for smart management of parking and traffic problems at public parking places. It is also known as a smart parking management system.

One more thing is that many associations apply parking charges to limit the number of vehicles due to less space of parking.It is necessary to keep their vehicle at a safe place and safe condition.Software parking solutions help to count the number of vehicles and maintain the traffic for parking.For that, it needs a larger number of data for deep learning.

Other usecases: Blue Light Spots Detection, Security Survelliance.